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jenny dixon. the beach, hitchhiker and ghost
april 26, 2014

There is a beach named Jenny Dixon located at Norah Head on the Central Coast a fact which in itself bears no alarming significance. However what is of increasing significance to me is the stories of Jenny Dixon the hitchhiker and apparition. Fact or urban legend?

I first heard of this young girl ghost named Jenny Dixon back in the early eighties. It is said that she haunts Wilfred Barrett Drive (pictured above) between Nora Head and The Entrance located on the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales Australia.

As a paranormal investigator living on the Central Coast for the past eighteen years, I have a strong interest with this local reported haunting and hence have decided to go on a fact finding mission.

There have been many stories from locals over the years who truly believe that this young girl ghost named Jenny Dixon haunts the desolate stretch of road on Wilfred Barrett Drive between Norah Head and The Entrance. As a result of the many reported sightings and stories I am on a quest to find out the truth, as it is there somewhere.

I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the stories of this mystical apparition of a young female hitchhiker named Jenny Dixon on this deserted stretch of road late at night. There have been many reported sightings of the this young girl over the decades, the most intriguing of which is the one of a police car picking up the young girl late one night. The story states that this young teenage girl known as Jenny Dixon she jumped into the back of the police patrol car and as the officer was driving down Wilfred Barrett Drive the young girl had simply disappeared from the car. To the police officers bewilderment there was no trace of the young girl whatsoever!

Legend has it that in the nineteen seventies, a young teenage girl named Jenny Dixon was hitching along Wilfred Barrett Drive late one evening. This girl was then picked up in a car by a group of five young men whom allegedly violently assault and repeatedly rape her, tragically ending with the young girl being brutally murdered.

No one was ever charged with the young teenage girl’s murder. However the story continues with rumors that five young local men believed to be involved in the murder all met with tragic fates themselves including suicides and accidents.

The fact is that there are no official reporting’s of a girl named Jenny Dixon being raped and murdered on or near Wilfred Barrett Drive,
or any where else on the Central Coast. In fact there is no documented evidence of a girl named Jenny Dixon ever existing on the Central Coast. There have been reporting’s of several deaths on Wilfred Barrett Drive with most of these relating to motor vehicle accidents commonly involving young men.

It is my opinion that Jenny Dixon never actually existed. Through a series of unrelated local events I believe that Jenny Dixon Beach was named as a result of a ship named Janet Dixon that sank near Cabbage Tree Harbour in 1871. Given that Jenny Dixon Beach is the closest reference point to the stretch of road on Wilfred Barrett Drive, I am of the opinion that rumored sightings of an apparition close to Jenny Dixon Beach have over the years been translated to the ghost of Jenny Dixon.

For those who may be disappointed about the apparition of Jenny Dixon don’t be too concerned. I do believe there to be an apparition on Wilfred Barrett Drive at Norah Head and I will explain my theory next article. This involves a true documented unsolved extremely violent murder of two sisters from Toukley NSW Central Coast.

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jenny dixon. the beach, hitchhiker and ghost


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